Dahlias in all shapes and colours

Dahlias in all shapes and colours

If you thought that a dahlia is just a dahlia, then think again! Dahlias come in countless colours, sizes, and shapes. The petals can be coiled, pointed, round, frayed, and everything in between! That is why these shapes are divided into a number of groups.

Water Lily

The water lily dahlia is a double flower with broad, firm, and flat petals. This makes the flower look a bit flatter – what you see is what you get. Sometimes the edges of the petals are slightly different in colour to outline her beautiful shape. Water lily dahlias are known for being good cut flowers and it’s not for nothing have they been given the name ‘water lily’ – they also float gracefully in the water! Examples of water lily dahlias are Pink Magic and Diana’s Memory.

Pompon dahlia

Round, rounder, roundest! The pompon dahlia, not surprisingly, will remind you of perfectly arranged decorative pompoms. The petals are rolled up into a funnel shape. The bloom has a diameter of up to 5 centimetres. (Above that, 8 to 12 centimetres, you would be looking at a ball dahlia.) It remains a mystery as to what gives this dahlia its special spark. The pompon dahlia is extremely popular and available in countless colours. Well-known pompon dahlias are Chick A Dee and Marble Ball.

Dinner plate dahlia

One glance and you’ll know why these dahlias got their name. They are among the largest and most impressive dahlias! The petals are undeniably lush, graceful, elegant, and fascinating. With a dinner plate dahlia your room will be filled with these majestic blooms. They can reach a diameter of more than 20 centimetres – wow! Well-known dinner plate dahlias are Café au Lait and Islander.

Cactus dahlia

The cactus dahlia is a departure from the usual; its petals are rolled up thin and pointed on the outside. Not unlike its namesake, this dahlia is a round, spiky flower. In the core you will find many leaves, which makes the cactus dahlia a double flower. Another common name for this type is spider head dahlia. She is very popular because she can be striped and double-coloured to make some fragrant fireworks for your vase! Examples of cactus dahlias are Karma Sangria and Karma Corona.

Dahlia decorative

The dahlia decorative is basically everything that the cactus dahlia is not. It is completely filled and has round petals in the core. The petals are broad and flat, round in the core, and a bit sharper on the outside. When you picture a dahlia, you probably think of this dahlia variety, which combines well with any other flower. Well-known decorative dahlias are Wizard Of Oz and Chanel.

So many varieties, shapes, and colours to create some truly sumptuous bouquets! Make a surprising mix of different types, play with colours and shapes, and design arrangements that depict summer to the fullest!