My Dahlia Society is a joint cooperation between the best dahlia growers, breeders, and buyers.

The idea arose from our shared love for the dahlia – a classic beauty in various styles. To ensure that everyone can enjoy these wonderful blooms today and tomorrow, we have formed a dahlia dream team. Thanks to our innovative method, we grow the very best dahlias in a modern way.

While we look to the future, we take care to not forget our past. This shared appreciation for dahlias, with all the knowledge and experience that comes with the nursery profession, has been passed on to our growers for generations. We cherish their talent, and support it with a new way of working: we work with innovative plugs that lower costs and increase the quality level. We have a shared research and development process, an online sales platform, and a state-of-the-art global distribution network.

Every season we bring together the very best, most special, most beautiful dahlias in our own collection. Here you will find varieties that stand out for their beauty, character, and idiosyncrasy. We are very happy to be able to offer the ultimate in dahlias – truly stunning flowers thanks to innovation and inspiration.

By using modern techniques, the dahlias in our collection are of the highest quality, and we deliver them fresher than fresh to our customers. That is the power of My Dahlia Society.

The future of dahlias

My Dahlia Society is the dahlia dream team. Our growers can use exclusive innovations and software. Like our own, inventive plugs instead of the traditional dahlia tubers. In addition, we offer growers insight into their production process as well as trends in the market with smart data analyses. We offer two online portals that make selling easier and more transparent. In this way we keep costs low, we work smarter, and we can guarantee the ultimate in quality.